SunALM Reporting & Consulting

SunCorp's web-based Asset Liability Management tool, called SunALM, makes financial risk management convenient, effective, and powerful. This tool uses the speed of the internet to bring you a comprehensive method for managing and analyzing your balance sheet. Use SunALM as an integral piece of your risk management process.

The SunALM model uses data imported from your general ledger, loan, deposit and investment systems, and allows you not only to generate required regulatory reporting, but to perform online asset liability management simulations. These simulations can help you test the effects of different loan, share, certificate, and investment strategies to measure how they would impact your net income and risk profile.

SunALM provides you with a full suite of reports with both text and graphics, including:

  • Executive Summaries
  • Net Income Simulations
  • Net Economic Value (NEV) Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Model Assumptions

Because this is an internet based tool, there's no need to install any software. Any PC that has access to the web can connect to SunALM. SunCorp ALM experts provide full staff support, education, and training, geared toward the specific needs of your credit union.

SunALM is an easy to use, affordable, and nimble system that turns you into an instant ALM expert. Powerful and comprehensive, SunALM delivers provocative reports from your various "What if?" scenarios. Accurate and detailed, these reports will help guide you and your credit union in effective investment decision-making based upon real analysis, rather than speculative hunches.

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