Share Accounts

Cash Management Account

The Cash Management Account is the main transactional account for all credit union daily settlement activities. This account computes interest daily and pays interest monthly. Funds may be drawn upon demand and without interest penalties or valuation adjustments. Rates for the Cash Management Account are set and based upon changes in the market.

Money Market Account

The Money Market Account offers credit unions higher earning potential on liquid funds. With no minimum or maximum investment required, this account provides the ability to increase earnings on overnight balances in excess of daily settlement needs. As an added benefit, the Money Market Account offers tiered rates -- giving credit unions the capability to invest and earn more. Rates, paid monthly, are based on earnings received as well as market fluctuations, and are very competitive with the effective Fed Funds rate.

Membership Capital Share Accounts

The Membership Capital Share Accounts are long-term accounts providing members the opportunity to share in the success and long-term growth of their corporate. Participation is a voluntary commitment, based on a credit union's assets, and provides the crucial difference in their relationship with SunCorp... ownership.

For more information regarding SunCorp’s Share Accounts, please contact a Business Development Officer at