Why Choose SunCorp?

Cooperative Business Model

SunCorp is a cooperative financial institution, just like you. Meaning we are owned by our members whom elect a volunteer Board of Directors selected among our membership. SunCorp exists for the sole benefit of our member credit unions.

Cooperative Pricing

By aggregating member credit union volumes of checks, ACH payments, wire transfers, securities safekeeping, coin and currency orders, and deposits, SunCorp generates cost savings that are passed on to our members.

Superior Service

SunCorp staff is focused on providing outstanding service to our members. This is proven through our Net Promoter Score of 62.4 in 2013. We hold annual member surveys and monthly focus groups to ensure our members’ needs are being met.

View our Word Cloud

This was created with words that our members used to describe SunCorp during the member survey and focus groups.

Comprehensive Solution

SunCorp is a one stop shop solution…one call does it all! We offer a comprehensive suite of products & services specific to the needs of credit unions; and this spells convenience for our members. Our knowledgeable Business Development Officers and Member Service Representatives have extensive credit union industry experience, and are eager to assist your credit union. To see all that SunCorp has to offer, please view the Products & Services tab on our website.

No Fee Line of Credit

SunCorp offers lines of credit that are free, easily accessible, and include overdraft protection.

Training & Education

SunCorp offers comprehensive training and education programs such as live group webinars, on-demand recorded presentations, and customized training.


In order to give our members details on SunCorp’s current affairs, we provide practical member updates directly from SunCorp’s President & CEO.

We’re your Strategic Partner,
Your Solution,
Your Credit Union.
We’re Here for You!

How to Join SunCorp?

It’s simple! For more information on joining SunCorp, please click here, or send us an email.