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Fixed, Callable Share Certificate
These certificates have a fixed rate for the entire term but may be called to mature prior to the stated final maturity date. This early prepayment would typically occur if market interest rates declined after the certificate's issue date. A callable certificate offers a yield in excess of U.S. Treasury securities with the same final maturity date. The increased yield is considered compensation for the prepayment risk.

Step-Up Share Certificate
This certificate allows a one-time, or more, extension of the maturity date with a higher interest rate. Step-Up Certificates offer yields above equivalent treasuries and are issued at par. No minimum or maximum investment is required.

Amortizing Certificate Program (ACP)
The ACP Certificate is designed to provide competitive market rates while minimizing many of the risks and record-keeping burdens commonly associated with amortizing securities such as Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs). Principal is returned over the life of the Amortizing Certificate.
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