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Membership Capital Share Account
This long-term account provides members the opportunity to share in the success and long-term growth of their corporate. Participation is a voluntary commitment, based on a credit union's assets, and provides the crucial difference in their relationship with SunCorp... ownership. This account allows members to vote on critical issues, elect officials that govern, as well as borrow from SunCorp (does not apply to settlement loans). A minimum three-year advance notice is required for termination and dividends are paid monthly.

Paid-in Capital (PIC) Share Account
The Paid-in Capital Share Account is a long-term capital account alternative in which the projected dividend rate is substantially above the rate of Membership Capital Shares. Due to a longer termination notice of 20 years, PIC shares are managed on a longer-term basis allowing SunCorp to increase dividends paid. The Paid-in Capital Share Account does not require the investment of additional funds. Credit unions may have a portion or all of existing Membership Capital Share funds allocated to the Paid-in Capital Account. However, total account subscriptions are limited to one percent of a credit union's year-end assets. Dividends are paid quarterly. Please call an investment professional for availability.
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