Your Account Access Benefits

  • Peace of Mind: SunCorp's SunPower IP application is technologically advanced and uses state-of-the-art security tools to ensure your transactions are safe. Examples of security controls include unique logon IDs and passwords; IDs linked to specific IP addresses; a firewall and digital certificates; 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption; and the option to use password-encrypted files.

  • Reliability: Internet-based technology provides for an efficient means of receiving and returning your credit union's share draft information.Your credit union can eliminate connectivity issues and time-consuming hassles of modem-to-modem transmission.

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  • Convenience: SunPower IP is convenient for your staff. Designated personnel will receive emails including daily totals and a notification that share draft information has been posted for retrieval. Thus, allowing credit union personnel to receive and return share draft information at their own discretion. (Return information must comply with SunCorp's time frames for returns.)

Your Account Access Options

  • Share Draft Transmissions
  • Account Not Found Requests
  • Research Requests
  • Photocopy Requests
  • Stop Payment Requests
  • Corporate Share Draft Returns
  • Member Share Draft Returns