Advancements in technology have made it possible for credit unions to enjoy faster, higher-quality item processing and research methods. Because SunCorp has been processing share drafts for members since 1985, and we operated a state-of-the-art imaging system, we can help our members pass these advantages along to their own members. The whole sum of SunCorp's item processing services offer member credit unions a great deal of benefits. Our staff and service standards, incorporated with the latest technology, make it easy to bring all your share draft processing needs right here to one place.

Following is a brief description of SunCorp's Item Processing services.

Proof of Deposit
SunCorp makes it easily accessible for our member credit unions to deposit the checks received over the counter from members into their SunCorp account. We encode and process these items for collection into the check payment system. Because of SunCorp's high volumes, we can provide these services at a lower cost than most credit unions can do themselves. In addition, SunCorp gives 100% next day available credit on all items received at our location by 8:00 p.m., thus eliminating added interest cost in float.

Share Draft Image Processing
Utilizing the latest image technology, SunCorp captures and transmits to your credit union detailed information about your members' share drafts and debits your account at the close of each business day. Along with timely, accurate and balanced file transmissions, our imaging system adds value with better archiving and research methods.

SunCorp maintains records on all items we process for members. In the event a credit union needs a statement question answered, a subpoena request filled, or a simple photocopy, our research staff is always on hand to help. Currently, credit unions receive photocopy requests within 24 hours, or sooner, if a rush is requested.

Image Services for Your Own Members
SunCorp's innovative imaging system gives our member credit unions the ability to offer share draft imaging services to your own credit union members. Through Image Connect and Image Connect HB your credit union can strengthen member relationships, provide fee income opportunities and generate competitive differentiation.

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