Electronic Bill Payment (EBP) Credit Union Benefits:
  • Provides ownership of bill pay data to your credit union
    With most bill payment services, the bill pay provider owns the bill pay data. With EBP, your credit union owns and is in control of your members’ information.

  • Easy to access
    Your credit union will have immediate, online access to the data warehouse to utilize when assisting your members.

  • Fully supported by MY CU Services staff
    MY CU Services has dedicated staff to assist your credit union personnel in resolving member support issues.

  • Safe and secure for you and your members
    Security is offered through a dedicated server residing behind a firewall. This feature allows for 24/7 system monitoring utilizing the highest level of commercially available security against both internal and external threats.

  • Keeps your credit union competitive
    Online bill payment access offers your members a high-tech financial solution to save them time and money. This solution will help your credit union retain and attract new members.

  • Positions your credit union for the future
    Your credit union can offer your members the latest technology. Internet-savvy members expect these services from financial institutions.

  • Helps retain members
    Members tend to stay with the financial institution with whom they process their bills. According to an article in the Credit Union Times ( April 30, 2003 ), consumers who pay bills online at their financial institutions’ web sites are more than twice as likely to stay with that institution. After setting up their bill payment preferences and payees, consumers are reluctant to go through the process again with another institution.

  • Enhances functionality of your web site
    EBP seamlessly interfaces with your web site, thereby enhancing its functionality.

  • Keeps your credit union connected to members
    Using your web site to allow your members to pay their bills provides your credit union another point of contact. Your web site becomes an indispensable tool in providing valuable online access to your members while providing a cross-selling opportunity to promote other products and services.

  • Saves your members time and money
    Members will save time and money when they no longer need to buy stamps, checks and envelopes. All information is stored online. Members can simply pay all their bills at once, or set up recurring payments.

  • Easy to navigate browser-style screens