SunCorp has developed a training format called a SunCast, which is a brief pre-recorded audio/visual presentation (similar to a podcast). A SunCast is much like our recorded training sessions, however, the SunCast is only a few minutes in length and provides only a brief overview of a timely topic or issue pertinent to our members. In addition, SunCasts are presented in a Flash format and require speakers for the audio portion of the presentation.

SunCasts are a great way for members with limited time to learn about new developments with SunCorp products and services, the credit union industry, the financial industry in general and much more. After reviewing the brief SunCast, a member can always choose to research the topic in more detail if they wish. For questions please contact Ed Beck, Training and Education Specialist at 720.540.4648 or e-mail ebeck@suncorp.coop.

SunCast Library Archives
March, 2014 Perspectives on Business Continuity Planning
February, 2014 Business Account Issues
January, 2014 Credit Union Liquidity Arrangements
November, 2013 NACHA Rule Changes
October, 2013 Mobile Payments and Your Member
September, 2013 Bill Payment Services Review
June, 2013 RDC Risk Management
May, 2013 CFPB International Remittance Regulations
March, 2013 Payment Systems Security
January, 2013 International Wire Transfers
November, 2012 Check Deposit Loss Prevention
August, 2012 Changes in the Investment Landscape
June, 2012 Training and Information Resources
April, 2012 New Remittance Transfers Regulations
February, 2012 Cashier's Checks and Corporate Drafts
January, 2012 ACH Network Changes in 2012
November, 2011 SunCorp's Education and Information Resources
September, 2011 ACH Risk Assessments
August, 2011 BSA Information for Law Enforcement
July, 2011 Internet Banking Authentication
May, 2011 The Other Debit Card
May, 2011 A Conversation About Recapitalizing SunCorp
March, 2011 International Wire Transfers
February, 2011 2011 ACH Rule Changes
February, 2011 Fraud Prevention Reminders
December, 2010 Payments Industry Trends
October, 2010 Update from Member Services
September, 2010 Domestic Wire Transfer Services
July, 2010 ACH Rule Changes in 2010
May, 2010
April, 2010
March, 2010
February, 2010