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Improved Check Processing Forms Now Available

At the request of many credit unions, SunCorp has recently developed two new forms to help credit unions use our check processing services. The new forms will guide credit union staff on how to submit check adjustments and foreign check collection requests. Both forms should help to document and track these requests, and ultimately result in a more efficient process for both credit union and SunCorp staff. Click below to download the new forms:

Check Processing Adjustment Request

Foreign Check Collection Request

If you have questions about the new forms or our check processing services, please contact our Member Services Department at 1-877-786-2677, option 1.

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mACH™ System Reports

SunCorp’s Members ACH (mACH) System produces comprehensive reports on all ACH receipt and origination activity. In order to comply with NACHA’s record retention requirements, and to assist your staff in researching past entries, we recommend that you retain these reports in an electronic format for at least six years.

Although the mACH System produces many reports of routine entry creation, verification, and submission activities, the most important reports are for entries and files that have been completely processed by SunCorp. These reports contain all the entry information that needs to be retained. Here’s a quick summary of those reports:

  • Received Items report lists all incoming transactions. NOTE – Your ACH posting program may already create and retain a similar report, but it may not contain all the required information!

  • Receipt IAT report contains details on incoming IAT entries for OFAC screening purposes.

  • Receipt Returns report lists incoming return and NOC entries that have been sent by RDFIs in response to your prior origination entries.

  • Origination Items report contains details on all your outgoing origination entries.

  • Origination Returns report lists outgoing return and NOC entries resulting from the incoming entries that were not able to be posted by your credit union.

These reports are available from the VIEW command in the main mACH System screen. Although reports are available online for 30 days, credit unions should export them electronically to a long term storage location for record retention purposes.

If you have questions about the mACH System’s reports, contact our Member Services Department at 1-877-786-2677, option 1.

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