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Brokerage Services

Did you know SunCorp offers members access to the fixed income market through CU Investment Solutions, LLC? ISI is a registered broker-dealer for the Credit Union Network, owned by ten corporate credit unions including SunCorp. They provide your credit union easy access to the secondary market for investment securities and the convenience of dealing with a SunCorp/CU Investment Solutions, LLC registered representative, whom you already know. However, there are other benefits as well.

CU Investment Solutions, LLC provides a one stop, competitive alternative to brokerage transactions while staying in the credit union system. CU Investment Solutions, LLC operates solely for the benefit of credit unions so its familiarity with the credit union business and their investment policies is an advantage to you. The trading desk sees activity from many dealers on the street which gives credit unions exposure to more inventories, highly competitive pricing and excellent trade execution.

An additional advantage lies in safekeeping with SunCorp. This allows your credit union the convenience of having investment purchases settle directly through your SunCorp account without having to wire funds to a broker.

By utilizing CU Investment Solutions, LLC you are at the same time supporting the services of the corporate you own. The Corporate Agent Program provides brokerage opportunities for credit unions by employing the use of licensed dual employees who represent SunCorp and its traditional products while offering marketable securities such as U.S. Government Agency, Treasury, mortgage obligations and corporate bonds.

The Corporate Agent Program provides nationwide brokerage coverage for credit unions while enabling corporate credit unions the ability to offer brokerage products without the significant overhead cost related to operating their own FINRA and SEC licensed broker-dealer.

SunCorp has five registered representatives:

Please contact any of them for more information on CU Investment Solutions, LLC.

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