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Training & Information Resources

This month, we will review some of SunCorp’s training and information resources. Most of our credit unions are familiar with many of these resources, but credit unions always have new staff…and SunCorp has added many new members in the past few months. So here’s a quick summary of what we have to offer.

SunCorp’s Online Learning Center contains information on both our live webinar sessions and the online, self-paced sessions. You can access the Online Learning Center from a link on our homepage, or directly at http://suncorp.webex.com.

Our live webinars are designed as small group discussion sessions. The number of participants in each session is normally limited to allow for more discussion with the session leader and among all the participants. Sessions are normally scheduled for no more than 60 – 90 minutes. The topics covered in the webinars can range from operational and compliance issues to economic and investment updates – or to anything that is a “hot topic” in the industry.

There are situations when we conduct live sessions with individual credit unions rather than with small groups of credit unions. Normally, these customized sessions are designed for credit unions implementing new programs, or for large credit unions that have enough participants – probably throughout several branches – to justify a webinar just for their staff. There may also be other unique situations that call for a customized session. So if you’re looking for training on a topic that is not covered in our regular group sessions – or at least not on a convenient schedule for your staff – let us know…..and we’ll see what we can develop for your credit union.

The fastest growing online training option is our self-paced or recorded sessions. The obvious advantage in using a self-paced session is the convenience factor. Users can access these sessions at any time, and can access them as many times as they wish. Of course, a self-paced session doesn’t include any group discussion like a live session would. But for convenience, the recorded, self-paced sessions can’t be beat!

Access to our self-paced sessions is located in the Recorded Sessions section of our Online Learning Center. Direct links to some of the sessions are also located throughout our website, and within many of our online communications. For many of our self-paced sessions, we include different types of documentation that complement the session – maybe a checklist, quick reference card, or summary sheet. These documents should be helpful when you use the session information as part of your routine job duties or tasks. Keep them around as you review the session, and later when you need to use the information.

Access to many of our self-paced sessions and related information resources are also available from the News & Education section of our homepage. The Check Processing Resource Center includes links to several share draft and check collection training sessions, operational guides, and reference cards. The ACH News & Information page contains similar resources on the ACH Network.

If you have any suggestions for live webinars, the self-paced sessions, or the various reference cards or operations guides, just let us know. We are always looking for ways to make our online training and information resources more convenient and useful for our credit unions.

Upcoming Training Webinars

For session times, please access SunCorp's Online Learning Center.

ACH Compliance & Audit Review
Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Investment Offering Sheet Review
Wednesday, September 26, 2012

For session details, course materials and registration, visit SunCorp’s Online Learning Center. If you have any questions, please contact Ed Beck, SunCorp's Training & Education Specialist, at 877.786.2677, x4648 or by email at ebeck@suncorp.coop.


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