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SunCorp's Check Processing Adjustment Service

Most of your exception handling duties with member share drafts and check deposits are done via routine check return procedures.  However, there are some check disputes that need to be handled as adjustments rather than returns.  As your correspondent institution for share draft processing and check collection/deposit services, SunCorp serves as the originator or receiver for most of these check adjustment transactions.

Our check adjustment service handles common disputes such as encoding errors, duplicate items, image quality issues, and late return claims.  Our new Check Processing Adjustments Guide describes these common adjustments – how they occur, what action your credit union needs to take, and what response you can expect from us after the adjustment has been processed.  Click here to download the Guide, and make sure to provide a copy to your staff that deal with check processing disputes and discrepancies.

If you have questions regarding any of our share draft processing or check deposit services, contact your Business Development Officer or our Member Services Department at 1-877-786-2677, Option 1.

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User Administration for Accessing SunCorpís Systems

Properly maintaining your employees’ access to SunCorp’s systems is an important function for both security and operational reasons.  We remind credit unions to develop and follow strict internal procedures for adding, deleting, and changing staff access to our CorPower, APEX ACH, check processing, and other systems.

Forgetting to delete former employees from access to any system is an obvious security risk.  Forgetting to add access for new employees, or those employees switching duties, can result in delays in processing vital payment systems transactions.  Access should be limited to those functions necessary to complete their duties – not every function offered through our systems.  Transaction amount limits should also correspond to realistic estimates of needed authority.

User administration for our CorPower, International SunWires, and Securities Safekeeping systems is controlled by submitting the proper User Authorization Form to SunCorp’s security staff.  The most current version of these forms can be accessed from the homepage of our CorPower system.  User administration for Image Connect, APEX ACH, and SunPower IP systems is handled internally by credit union Security Administrators.     

If you need assistance with user administration for any of SunCorp’s systems, please contact our Member Services Department.

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